01December 23

How The "Frog" Hit The Jackpot In Colombia

Traditional or local games have a unique appeal in the lottery and gambling industry.

12September 23

The Changing Face of Lottery and Gaming in Africa

Africa, the second largest continent, is situated south of Europe and between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. About 11,700,000 square miles (30,303,000 square kilometres). It is home to 54 proud nations,one...

24August 23

Metaverse and Lottery: A Glimpse into the Future

As interest in Metaverse continues to surge, discussions about its applications in the lottery & gaming business also continue to attract interest from all industry stakeholders. The digitalisation of...

24August 23

Decoding the Impact of AI on the Lottery & Gaming Landscape

The lottery & gaming world is embracing the next revolution: 'Artificial Intelligence'.Its impact is already felt in almost every nook & corner of the world. Our industry has also begun to feel the...

random lottery balls coming out of a sphere with overlay text 'understanding rng and its importance in the lottery ecosystem'
14July 23

Exploring Instant Lottery Games: How Scan n Play Technology Redefines the Retail Landscape

Instant lottery games represent the second largest category in the lottery business. This clearly implies that it is one of the most important segments in the industry. Let's break it down with the help of a few concrete facts . ...

random lottery balls coming out of a sphere with overlay text 'understanding rng and its importance in the lottery ecosystem'
31Mar 23

Understanding RNG and Its Importance in the Lottery Ecosystem

As the term suggests, RNG is basically a method of choosing a number or combination of numbers - by chance (randomly), from a set of numbers. This could be either a hardware device or a software algorithm that creates the final output. It does not follow any specific pattern leading to absolute ...

a tablet with a scratch lottery gaming screen with 2 scratch lottery physical tickets behind it with overlay text adjacent to it 'the magic of instant games'
28Sep 22

Big Question: How are Instant games developing as a popular category?

In simple words, an instant game means a game that requires very little effort to play, has a short playtime and can be played on almost all devices. In the lottery & iGaming terminologies, when played, it shows, without delay, whether the player has won any amount or entry into a prize drawing, or both. Humans are hardwired to desire...

31Aug 22

Exploring CRM's Positive Impact on iGaming

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software application used by iGaming and lottery companies to manage their relationships with the playersand serves as the backbone of the iGaming industry. CRM includes harnessing player data related to customer preferences and behavior and utilizing it for business operations.The goal behind utilizing them is simple: to take the gaming experience to the next level and reap more...

a mobile phone with 4 ace cards and a dice coming out of it
10May 22

Gambling, a Game of Chance, Money, or Skill?

Well, a variety of misconceptions have demonstrated a narrative that falls on an economic relationship between the player and the activity. When one explores the space of games, it is a big misunderstanding that gambling is not a game of skill and rather just money. Mankind's love for gambling and games has existed for ages. From around the world and...

10May 22

Can Cashless Give Casinos a Competitive Advantage?

The ease of conducting financial transactions is probably the biggest advantage of going cashless. From our morning coffee to evening dinner, we have all been acclimatized to cashless transactions owing to this very component of the convenient transaction, which is highly secured as compared to carrying a hefty sum in your wallet. However, to understand its benefit in the context...

20Apr 22

7 Steps to Digitize Your Lottery Business

Running a successful walk-in lottery store? But do you ever wonder what happens when the world shuts down? After living through a pandemic, having received a major hit on the economic front, our business sector is aware of the consequences of striking the physical model of customer interaction. Especially living amidst all the technological evolution, it would be foolish to...

20Apr 22

The Age Of The Retail Lottery Store Is Over?

As the owner of a thriving lottery retail outlet, there must be a constant urge to expand your business in keeping with the current era of demands. While those around you seem to be growing online, the ever-increasing concern about striking the perfect balance between your brick-and-mortar store and an online gaming channel is perplexing. Should you completely shift your...

11Mar 22

Most Popular Sports for Betting by Players

The global sports betting market has been gaining momentum owing to the rapid digitisation, penetration of connected devices and the changing regulatory landscape of the gambling industry. The market, valued at USD 218.49 billion in 2020, is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.1% from 2021 to 2028. However, like most sectors in the economy,...

collection of pos lottery devices of various sizes
09Mar 22

What is Omni-Channel iGaming, and its importance for lottery operators?

Today's players are highly immersed in the mind-blowing and unreal experience that virtual platform offers. While the basic underlying advantages of online would be its ease of access and its ability to create a global community, an avid player comes online seeking the surreal thrill. During the pandemic, the online industry boomed while the other sectors faced a dip like...

a laptop with lottery game running onscreen
03Feb 22

Why does the online lottery present a great opportunity for players and operators alike?

Lotteries are a well-known type of betting that enables the players to invest a small amount of money for a chance to win a large jackpot. Playing iLottery allows you to explore a variety of lotteries, and win huge bonuses or jackpots. In an online lottery, players can enjoy a lottery gaming experience with remarkable features that are interactive and...

4 people in front of a screen that shows CRM and gaming related graphs and charts
31Jan 22

Importance of CRM in iGaming Operations

What is CRM? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software application used by iGaming companies to manage their interactions and relationships with the players. It helps businesses streamline work processes, nurture customer relationships, improve support, and increase revenue. A Customer Relationship Management software ensures that customer interactions run seamless, allowing the company to increase its profit. It...

03Sep 21

Why it is the Perfect Time to Digitize Your Lottery Operation

The unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic has made every operator realize that online gaming is the way forward, and the lottery sector has not been an exception to this. Some lotteries had some decent online gaming platforms before the pandemic, but in the last 18 months, the improvement of those platforms has been immense. The lotteries industry is a bit more...