31Aug 22

Exploring CRM's Positive Impact on iGaming

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a software application used by iGaming and lottery companies to manage their relationships with the playersand serves as the backbone of the iGaming industry. CRM includes harnessing player data related to customer preferences and behavior and utilizing it for business operations.The goal behind utilizing them is simple: to take the gaming experience to the next level and reap more profits. They help in segmentation, marketing, revenue generation, analysis, sales, customer service, forecasting, and much more.

Thus, we highly recommend that companies invest in advanced CRMs to boost player engagement and make data driven business decisions. Before you hurry, let's briefly examine what benefits a cutting-edge CRM can bring to your business. This will help you in harnessing the potential of CRM systems.

Records & Segmentation

Each player is unique and important and it is essential a business works towards storing data that makes him a unique user. A CRM keeps a well-maintained database of users' behaviour, geographic locations, spending habits, purchase records etc. In simple words, it is about providing a personalized personal experience using the data in the CRM - even when you have millions of players.

The approach is future-ready and this is especially important as more people move to online gaming mediums. A centralized database will simplify complicated processes and influence future marketing efforts and even sales pitches. This takes us to our next crucial point.

Activity-Based Marketing Campaigns

CRMs use algorithms to gather data at each touchpoint of the user journey. Needless to say, the data is a goldmine. And you can use it to create targeted and relevant communication plans. This can be used to create automated marketing campaigns as per the customised triggers defined in the CRM, for example sending a welcome message to a new player.

An iGaming & lottery company is obsessed with finding more about playing/betting habits and preferences of their players. CRM can do it - without any complications or lengthy processes and in accordance with a specific sport, market type or bet category.

A Better Understanding Of Players' Needs

The ability to offer tailored sports betting and gaming experiences is a huge advantage. We have already discussed that each player is unique and important. You must make knowledge-based decisions and better interpret your customers. To achieve this feat, CRM can help you explore fundamental questions that shed light on players' needs such as:

  • Who is the customer?
  • His preferences and other choices
  • When does the customer want to play?
  • What games sell more?
  • His spending habits and methods
  • His location
  • Age, gender, education, income, occupation, etc.

By collecting the above data you can begin to identify possible opportunities for business innovation and expansion.

Increasing sales with the right support

The centralized CRM streamlines your sales process, builds a sales pipeline, automates key tasks and analyzes all of your sales data in one centralized place. As a matter of fact, it's hard to imagine an successful iGaming company without a cutting-edge CRM. A CRM can automate many support functions to provide customer service when required through multiple channels such a phone, email, AI based chat, knowledge bases, FAQs and more. A gaming business that provides good customer support will always have a higher player retention rate and loyalty.

Improved Player Retention

The combination of analytics and personalization is the rightful way to attract & retain customers. CRM can help you keep your customers and ensures a positive experience through loyalty and retention processes, for example through CRM loyalty bonus can be sent to players who have not made a purchase in a while to help them get back as an active player.

All in all, it is about ensuring that you want to be the first business they think of when they need to play an online game.

Fulfilling Responsible Gaming Initiatives

With increased regulation and scrutiny on iGaming and lottery its essential business fulfill the legal obligations to provide a responsible gaming experience that ensures it does not turn into uncontrolled gambling. A CRM ensures checks and balances are put in place such as limiting user time, user spends and other means to ensure gambling does not become a problem for the community. To conclude CRM serves as the single point that attracts new players, collects data about them and then uses that data to provide a holistic gaming experience using that data. So before one starts a new iGaming business, it's a must to get a tailor made CRM to suit your unique needs.

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