Convergence of Retail and Digital Players

Players seek the thrill of gaming and the freedom to choose how they play. This holds a profound allure towards unrestricted gaming experience, often intertwined with the fun and excitement of winning, and the immense delight derived from it. Needless to say, this means there is a demand for new technology solutions that can satiate this growing need.

At Skilrock, we understand this 'demand for the next big step in omnichannel gameplay' and proudly present Scan-n-Play.

Scan-n-Play is an omnichannel lottery offering that offers easy online gameplay without the need for player registration. Utilizing Skilrock's INFINITI gaming platform, it opens up a 'world of possibilities' with its diverse and engaging games that can be played across multiple channels through a single registration process.

With benefits for both players and operators, Scan-n-Play is an excellent addition to any gaming business. They can experience seamless and secure gameplay with Scan-n-Play, built for any gaming environment. Additionally, Scan-n-Play offers flexible integration with games from any provider, allowing for even more diverse and exciting gaming options for players.

Business Scenarios

  • Betting Shops
  • Retail Lottery Stores
  • Casinos
  • Supermarkets
  • Cruise Ships
  • Sports Events
  • Mobile Kiosks
  • Banks and post offices

Key Features of Scan-n-Play

Certified Secure Platform

Certified Secure Platform

It utilizes INFINITI - an omnichannel, omnigaming platform - that comes with a powerful set of customizable features, multilanguage support, multiple currency support, advanced security, cashless gaming, etc.

Wide Variety of Games

Wide Variety of Games

The solutions currently support a wide variety of games, from new titles, and classics to locally popular ones. This maximizes deeper engagement, offers seamless gameplay and drives sales in the long run.

Player Privacy - Stay Anonymous

Player Privacy - Stay Anonymous

Players can enjoy their favourite games without any registration. This assures them of a heightened privacy quotient and relish in their favourite games without worries.

Build Long-term Loyalty

Build Loyalty

Cultivating player loyalty and helping drive repeat business is possible when your players feel engaged and satisfied. This solution is apt for creating such player-centric opportunities.

Effectively Manage Lottery Operations

Effectively Manage Lottery Operations

Due to its innovative approach, it is an excellent addition to any lottery & gaming business. It opens up many opportunities for increasing business and attracting more players.

Local Games Conversion

Local Games Conversion

Localization is one of our biggest strengths and Scan-n-Play supports the conversion of popular titles. This includes translation, associated graphics, and cultural elements that influence how the games will be perceived.

FAQs On Scan-n-Play

It effortlessly combines convenience and entertainment and transforms the gaming experience into an opportunity to win.

Below is the process flow for this solution:

  1. Player Makes the Payment
  2. Operator Generates the QR Code
  3. Player Scans the QR Code
  4. Player can Play & Enjoy The Games
  5. Player Returns the QR Receipt and Withdraws the Amount

There are many benefits such as no KYC required, complete privacy - staying anonymous playing a variety of engaging games, playing from anywhere, smooth user journey, etc.

Yes, we have a talented team of game developers who can develop exciting and engaging games for your players.

There are many benefits such as deeper player engagement, incentivise regular interactions build long-term loyalty, open up new sales opportunities, effectively manage lottery operations, etc.

Players can play their favourite games without registration. The solutions are also accompanied by robust security features to protect the information.

We understand that lottery operators can significantly benefit from the wealth of player-specific data collected across channels - and generate actionable insights that help them responsibly grow the business. Of course, it also helps in providing relevant and rewarding experiences across their player base.

Yes, our on-demand solutions are customizable to meet regional preferences around the world to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. Contact us for further reference.

Some business scenarios are Betting Shops, Retail Lottery Stores, Casinos, Supermarkets, Cruise Ships, Sports Events, Mobile Kiosks, Banks and Post Offices.

Yes, it can be easily integrated into your existing software.