Infiniti Gaming Platform

INFINITI Gaming Platform

Manage Multiple Channels Seamlessly with A True Omni Channel Gaming Platform

INFINITI is our omnichannel & omnigaming platform that ensures a seamless gaming experience across the retail & digital channels, and empowers operators to engage and interact with players effectively, with ample space for customization and scalability. The high-performing, reliable and industry-leading platform conveniently modernizes the gaming experience for players who want similar and exciting gameplay, whenever and wherever they are.

The convenient player journey ensures maximum engagement and simultaneously offers a proven, high-performing, reliable, and industry-leading set of customizable features, turnkey solutions, white-label products & services, multilanguage support, multiple currency support, advanced security, cashless gaming, and much more.

Key Solutions Of INFINITI Gaming Platform

Smart Retail

Smart retail solutions have emerged as a game-changer in the lottery & gaming industry, offering a perfect blend of digital technology and traditional shopping experiences. Our platform covers all essential aspects of retail such as VLTs, slot machines, iTVMs, cash management, alarms, notifications, contactless gaming, etc.

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Digital Lottery

Lotteries can offer cutting-edge features such as content independence, player account management, risk management, exciting games, loyalty and bonus features, etc. It also enables convenient, frictionless player experiences on digital channels whether it is smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.

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Next Generation Instant Lottery

A unified platform where e-scratch and physical scratch cards are managed in a seamless manner. It supports the entire lifecycle from preproduction and production to post-production. You also get customized inventory control, analytics reports, security features, etc. We also support you with technical expertise, agility, and quick implementation of new features.

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Cashless & Contactless Gaming

Cashless and contactless payment options are already popular across lotteries and ensure a convenient experience for players, retailers, and employees. This also ensures more payment choices, faster checkout experience, and more hygienic transactions.

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Sports Lottery

The cutting-edge, scalable sports lottery covers a variety of sports categories such as football, hockey, swimming, tennis, etc. Operators also get a suite of added features such as real-time feed integration, virtual sports, risk management, cross-platform support, etc. The benefits include branding (social sharing and engagement), data collection and analytics, upselling and cross-selling opportunities, increased sales, etc.

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Turnkey Services

Solutions that are built end-to-end for clients and can be easily implemented into a current gaming business. Some notable examples include data analytics, business consulting, fraud detection, marketing advisory, etc.

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Paper Lottery

We offer complete paper lottery solutions, including upgrading retail outlets and embracing digital platforms. Their customizable services, supported by the INFINITI gaming platform, maximize player engagement and sales, offering real-time reports for data-driven decisions. Solutions include Lottery Management System (LMS), iLottery, and POS Lottery.

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Lottery Regulatory System

Learn about the Lottery Regulatory System (LRS), a centralized administrative solution ensuring fairness and compliance in lottery and gaming operations. Explore its benefits, features, and how it fosters responsible gambling practices while empowering regulatory bodies.

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Why Choose Skilrock's INFINITI Platform?

  • Seamless user experience between all channels
  • Fully customizable with the leading game providers
  • Allow your players to play from anywhere with our seamless Omnichannel approach
  • Securely designed platform to protect your brand and your players
  • Understand your players better with our complete player account management (PAM) tools
  • Built to deliver exceptional results in regulated markets across the globe
  • Improve player experience and engagement across multiple customer touch points
  • Drive loyalty & retention with dedicated loyalty programs

Common Questions about our INFINITI Gaming platform and Solutions

Players spend time on multiple channels such as retail, smartphone, and so on. Hence, gaming businesses have to adapt to these changing gaming habits. Our platform is well-positioned to offer them an exceptional & optimized gaming experience - when players change channels such as from PC to mobile, retail to online, etc.

We understand that lottery operators can significantly benefit from the wealth of player-specific data collected across channels - and generate actionable insights that help them responsibly grow the business. Of course, it also helps in providing relevant and rewarding experiences across their player base.

Modern business challenges need a local approach to thrive in the competitive marketplace. This applies to lottery & gaming businesses too. Hence, we bring together technical expertise, innovation, and creativity to meet your local business needs and help players in a better way.

The INFINITI platform comes with a scalable architecture to meet growing demand while maintaining performance. Simply put, from design to delivery, we partner with clients to deliver high-performance solutions that perform as per your expectations.

With our platform, you can provide a variety of ways to play without deducing performance parameters. This enables operators to allure players anywhere and engage them with rich content.

Yes, operators can easily integrate third-party content. Skilrock also boasts of a rich library of games that can be integrated into the existing operations.

It can be player promotions, marketing communications, claims and payments, loyalty and rewards, etc. INFINITI can intelligently collect information related to players’ activity and help operators in managing their businesses.

The platform comes with several features that are developed in strict adherence to responsible gaming best practices and encouraging positive play.

It supports lottery operations and optimises operator and player relationships. It includes aspects of the operator's business such as player account management, sales records, advertising, retailer portal/communications, training, etc.