Paper Lottery Solutions

Empowering Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Skilrock Technologies offers a complete range of services to meet your paper lottery's needs - whether it's upgrading your existing retail lottery outlet, embracing digital lottery through mobile & web, adopting POS based systems or introducing new games. We have built our solutions to be highly customizable and scalable that support an extensive range of platforms such as web, mobile and POS devices including legacy hardware support.

Our next-generation paper lottery solutions portfolio is designed to maximize player engagement, build loyalty and increase sales. Powered by our INFINITI gaming platform, our solution streamlines the entire lottery process and provides real time reports for enabling data driven decisions for operators and regulators.

Types of Paper Lottery Solutions

  1. Lottery Management System (LMS)

  2. This is an advanced addition to your existing lottery operations as the cutting-edge backend system seamlessly integrates with your current lottery system, offering a range of powerful benefits while minimizing investment and employee training. It offers live sales reports, intuitive inventory management and secure ticket validation, etc.

    Salient features:

    • Tracking Ticket Sales With Ease
    • Integration With The Existing Setup
    • Optimise All Business Processes
    • Efficient Supply Chain Management
    • Error-Free Ticket & Winning Validation

  3. iLottery Solution

  4. If you're missing out on digital platform players, our solution can help you go digital. Our iLottery solutions enable operators to deliver engaging content across mobile & web channels, offering compatibility with multiple local languages and seamless API-based third-party integrations. It can operate alongside your existing offline business, while offering features such as custom online lottery games, an easy-to-use UI, certified RNG & responsible gaming modules, and multi-payment support.

    Salient Features:

    • Target Next-Gen Players
    • Open Up New Revenue Streams
    • Offer Entertaining and Engaging Games
    • Zero Print Cost
    • Enable 24x7 gameplay
  5. POS Lottery Solution

  6. Our advanced solutions support a variety of POS devices that can manage end-to-end operations in any retail environment. You can choose from handheld POS devices, multi-purpose kiosks, and self-service terminals, all equipped with localized content for enhanced sales performance. By reducing ticket printing costs and boosting efficiency through our highly scalable solution, you can rapidly expand your operations without the need for a significant increase in manpower.

    Salient Features:

    • Real-Time Ticket Selling
    • Error-Free Ticket & Winning Validation
    • Quick-To-Launch New Game Scheme
    • Scalable & Adaptive Solutions
    • Reduce Inventory Costs

Paper Lottery Architecture

Common Questions about Our Paper Lottery Solutions

Yes, our innovative solutions are designed to efficiently manage various aspects of lotteries, including ticket sales, prize validation & distribution, reporting & analytics, security, scalability and compliance with local regulations.

Our solutions offer easy integration with the existing setup, with minimal disruption to your current lottery business's day-to-day operations.

They can help with various internal processes such as stock control, sales records, payments, ticket and winning validation, accounting, etc.

We are a global gaming company and hence, we work in and support a variety of languages. Please contact us for further details.

Collecting and analyzing customer data can aid in gaining insights into playing patterns, preferences, and trends, helping retailers make informed decisions. Some notable examples include offering personalized recommendations and promotions, enhancing the player experience and increasing player engagement.

With digital lottery, they can target the diverse, tech-savvy, next-gen group of players who prefer smartphones and computers when it comes to playing lotteries.

It can help improve cost-saving measures by focusing on optimized/minimized logistics and inventory processes.

It ensures engrossing lottery player experiences for any retail environment, with localized content and great potential for improved sales.

Yes, our lottery solutions are highly scalable for businesses that are growing and want no constraints in their success stories.

Yes, our on-demand solutions are customizable to meet regional preferences around the world to enhance user experience and increase conversion rates. Contact us for further reference.

As a reputed paper lottery provider, Skilrock's solutions are powering various state & national lotteries around the world. In addition, our ambition is not just about offering solutions but a commitment to empowering lottery operators globally. This approach allows us to bridge the gap, understand their unique challenges, and strengthen our support.

Our Retail Games

  • lotto diamond game icon
  • lucky 6 game icon
  • lucky number 5 lottery game icon
  • icon for super keno lottery game
  • icon for thai lottery game
  • 5 by 36 Daily Lotto
  • 12 by 24 Luck Twelve
  • 6 by 42 Bonus Lotto
  • Force Lotto