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28Sep 22

Big Question: How are Instant games developing as a popular category?

In simple words, an instant game means a game that requires very little effort to play, has a short playtime and can be played on almost all devices. In the lottery & iGaming terminologies, when played, it shows, without delay, whether the player has won any amount or entry into a prize drawing, or both.

Humans are hardwired to desire instant gratification — which means that 'instant games' hold so much appeal. As long as you offer the right options, players are going to get compelled to play them - again and again. These games are easily available, have a minimalist UI, and are so easy to play! In fact, there's no learning curve and let people play games on any device. There's little download time, the games are highly social, and they can be shared with friends. The list is lengthy and we will take them one by one. Most importantly, we will take a look at what the future of the business holds.

Variety, Engagement & Potential

This category encompasses a huge number of developers, investors and of course players. This is accompanied by impressive engagement numbers, millions of visits, and refreshing, new launches. As a matter of fact, it is so competitive that game publishers are hopeful that newer games will disrupt the entire instant gaming marketplace.

This seems obvious - as people want instant access to pleasure, fun and almost everything (as discussed at the beginning of this blog) Once they are bored with one thing, they easily move on to another. Plus, tech is at a level that supports good-quality game development. This takes us to our next point.

Unfettered by the constraints of hardware

Instant games are frictionless and relatively easy to play. Plus, modern instant games can run at near app-native quality with console-level graphics. Developers can generate massive revenue in the short term while also maintaining players' interest. Simply put, hardware is not an issue when it comes to developing, discovering, and distributing games.

The biggest catalyst is the rise of smartphones. Now, anyone can play instant games with the help of a few touches. And there are minimum download times, social sharing capabilities, and multiplatform capabilities. In fact, the social and multiplayer aspects of the game are making even the most simple ones attractive to players.

No piece on instant gaming would be complete without a nod to the various technologies shaping the growth trajectory of the market. This offers huge opportunities and is potentially game-changing for publishers. Advanced, intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, are being increasingly employed by online gambling platforms to ensure a secure and safe space for enthusiasts.

New markets are opening up around the world as more and more businesses are acknowledging the potential of instant games. If you are interested in knowing more about the impact of instant games, contact us.