10May 22

Gambling, a Game of Chance, Money, or Skill?

Well, a variety of misconceptions have demonstrated a narrative that falls on an economic relationship between the player and the activity. When one explores the space of games, it is a big misunderstanding that gambling is not a game of skill and rather just money. Mankind's love for gambling and games has existed for ages. From around the world and through times from the past till now, betting around dice games to lotteries was a common affair. Hence, we see a culture that has been careening from time in the interest of this game of chance and skills.

When it comes to betting and gambling patterns in Brazil, there is once again a sense of, 'is this wrong or is this right' floating around? “Brazil is a little box of surprises,” writes Alexandre Tauszig, author of 'Alea Jacta Est'. A foreigner may believe that gambling does not exist in Brazil. But there is, in fact, one. The atmosphere of misunderstandings and a lack of knowledge has resulted in a lot of perceived information, which is constantly putting this game at risk. Gambling can be classified as both legal and illegal. However, it exists in a variety of forms in Brazil, all of which are legal, albeit with significant legal flaws. While many types of gambling, sports betting, and dozens of bingos are present, they take on various figures to make it seem a normal activity in the community. “The most popular and well-known is the Tele Sena, of the Silvio Santos Group. It completed 30 years of operation in 2021. It is a million-dollar business that has dozens of competitors in all states of the country. There is also the modality of priceable philanthropy, in which part of the paid amount is not redeemed, but is destined to an institution”. Therefore, the modality of loopholes becomes their way of portraying gambling in a morally right manner.

As the book delves into the various justifications for why gambling is legal in Brazil, the author asserts that, while it is legal, it is extremely difficult to stay within the boundaries of the laws. Along with these specific gambling factors, there are also other factors such as - responsible gaming, ludopathy, money laundering, and fraud that act per the legal framework. Everything wrong with gambling can be restricted and played responsibly when it is placed within a legal framework.

The current state of gambling in Brazil is one-of-a-kind. It is undergoing a series of changes aimed at achieving irreversible regulation. While gambling has long been a part of Brazilian life, authorities must legislate and regulate the practice. The multiple realities of gambling jeopardize the very culture of the Brazilian people. As we enter this new era of transition, let us hope that we can pave the way for a bright future of gambling.

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