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10May 22

Can Cashless Give Casinos a Competitive Advantage?

The ease of conducting financial transactions is probably the biggest advantage of going cashless. From our morning coffee to evening dinner, we have all been acclimatized to cashless transactions owing to this very component of the convenient transaction, which is highly secured as compared to carrying a hefty sum in your wallet. However, to understand its benefit in the context of your Casino Outlet, one must initially let go of the basic biases of changing our transaction and subsequent consumption patterns.

While many might feel sceptical about the usage of the various updates in technological transactions, the market for the online payment solution has been ever increasing. This is especially due to the current generation adapting faster to the several upgrades coming our way. The need for an accessible and easy online transaction was increasingly felt after the Pandemic. And we had no other options but to turn to contactless payment solutions.

Having laid out the increasing need to develop and adopt cashless transactions, let's walk through the various means by which your Casino business would benefit from the same:

  • Cashless 'Card': Offering loyalty cards where players can store cash into a secure digital wallet. Whatever amount they win shall be transferred into the same card with added points for playing every time.
  • Cardless 'Cashless': Let your customers use a digital wallet via their mobile device. Transfer and receive the amount through that one wallet at all the kiosks. Along with it, ensure that there would be several added benefits and loyalty points for every usage.
  • Cardless with External Funds Getaway: Take the contactless payment solution to the next level, let your customers access funds from external sources, such as banks and credit cards, and add the amount to their digital wallets.
  • Reduce cash management costs that come with handling large amounts of cash.
  • Get winnings directly transferred to player accounts which makes it secure and easy to use for your casino players.
  • The pandemic has highlighted how cash can be a source of transmission of germs so cashless makes it safe for both players as well as casino employees who otherwise would handle cash.
  • Cashless helps build player insights and help track bad behaviour like gambling addiction which is a major goal for a lot of lottery operators as part of their responsible gaming infinitives.

However, one must note that all requirements are not met with the same payment solution. Also while most gaming vendors will have to resort to outsourcing the payment services, with its in-house payment technologies expertise, Skilrock would provide a well-integrated approach while providing your casino with a complete digital revamp!

So what are you waiting for?
Go Cashless. Get your players hooked on the gaming experience!