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31Jan 22

Importance of CRM in iGaming Operations

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software application used by iGaming companies to manage their interactions and relationships with the players. It helps businesses streamline work processes, nurture customer relationships, improve support, and increase revenue. A Customer Relationship Management software ensures that customer interactions run seamless, allowing the company to increase its profit. It provides insights about players, their purchase history and even personal information to help the company make data-driven future business plans.

What is the importance of CRM in iGaming Operations?

In the realm of games, the iGaming industry is revamping its machine-learning algorithms to gather information and deliver unlimited opportunities. CRM includes harnessing technology for mining data related to customer preferences and behaviour. It improves the player experience on standardised gaming machines by employing an engine with predictive modelling to evaluate and communicate loyalty bonus eligibility in real-time. CRM systems provide a straightforward and elegant way for operators to engage and reactivate all player segments. Advanced and cloud-based CRM technology helps to retain players on the gaming sites. It is also vital to formulate effective marketing strategies, boost member retention, drive up new player acquisition and expand market share. Some of the key features that a CRM offers an iGaming company are:

Marketing Tools - The tools intelligently create player profiles and help the company customise their marketing strategies to the target segments.

Business Analytics - Analytics shed light on the behaviour and characteristics of a customer in the online gaming universe and helps an iGaming company make data-driven decisions.

Advanced Reporting - Reports allow companies to gain insights about an operator's performance to improve player satisfaction.

Real-time Player Data - CRM delivers real-time insights about players and their preferences and helps them analyse the gaming trends at any given time.

Responsible Gaming - Offers a safe user experience that protects the players from the potential negative consequences of online gaming.

Benefits of CRM in iGaming Industry

  • The primary goal of CRM is to facilitate customer relationships, assist in player retention, and drive revenue growth.
  • It ensures player loyalty and a positive experience by the means of data-backed personalised offers.
  • CRM automates the marketing process to enhance target-based strategy implementation and nurture positive experiences into sales readiness.
  • The software enables iGaming companies to better understand their player behaviour and help marketers gain deeper insight into each player's journey. This in turn helps them to simplify their marketing and customer engagement to get more efficient retention and new customer acquisition.
  • CRM also refines audience segmentation. It helps companies zero in on the target by identifying and predicting the early signs of players exposed to high churn rate. This allows them to take proactive measures to boost player retention and lifetime value.
  • It also ensures that players receive the highest standards of quality, and a safe user experience that protects them from the potential negative consequences of online gaming.
  • Through a CRM, a company has round-the-clock access to real-time data that helps deliver tailored solutions to players 24*7.

In conclusion, CRM is a holistic process of retaining customers by attracting, differentiating and then targeting them. It is a technologically aided version of old-fashioned marketing. The gaming industry is considered one of the most exciting industries because it brings a fusion of culture, entertainment and technological advancement to life. Since a customer relationship management system provides a flow of information 24*7, the players can access their favourite games from anywhere, anytime. So if you are planning to launch a new iGaming business or to upgrade the existing one, having a tailored CRM to suit your needs is a must. We are in the age of a digital revolution. Ensure you have the means to track, analyse and organise data to back up your marketing and customer retention strategies with Skilrock Technologies.

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