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14July 23

Exploring Instant Lottery Games: How Scan n Play Technology Redefines the Retail Landscape

Instant lottery games represent the second largest category in the lottery business. This clearly implies that it is one of the most important segments in the industry. Let's break it down with the help of a few concrete facts (source: EL Report 2021). All EL Members who reported in our EL report generated instant sales of €32.5bn and instant GGR of €8.8bn in 2021, which represents 24% of the total GGR. Countries leading instant games in Europe depend on the indicator: Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway, and Belgium. The payout for instant games has not changed significantly during the past 5 years and is around 69%. eInstants GGR almost doubled its GGR in the 2021 year compared to 2019. It grew faster than the retail channel. This is just the tip of the iceberg as this category has immense growth opportunities.

What is Instant Lottery?

While regular lotteries have scheduled draws, instant lotteries award prizes on the spot. This makes them hugely popular among players worldwide. They come in many different iterations, such as classic scratch-offs, crossword scratch-offs, slots, etc. These games are played on different channels with players able to play games in-store, online and on their mobile devices.

Before we go any further, let's understand how traditional instant lotteries generally work:

Ticket Purchase : Participants buy a ticket from a retailer. The price and potential winnings vary depending on the specific game and ticket.

Scratch-off Area : The ticket has a designated area with a thin film covering the numbers, symbols, or other elements. Players scratch this area to reveal the number combination.

Winning Determination : Once the scratch-off area is exposed, the ticket will denote whether it's a winner. This can be done through matching numbers, symbols, or specific combinations outlined in the game's instructions.

Prize Claiming : If the ticket is a winner, the player can claim their prize by following the instructions provided on the ticket. Prizes may vary from small amounts to larger sums or even non-monetary rewards. The odds of winning and the overall prize structure are determined by the lottery provider or regulatory body overseeing the game.

Apart from paper lotteries, digital mediums are another big sales channel. These online counterparts come with special animations and sound to offer more than the offline experience and accomplish their peak popularity during the pandemic. It should be noted that there is a huge plethora of games on the online channels.

There is a huge competition between the retail and digital mediums- with both vouching for players’ attention and maximum revenues. Overall, the player has the option to choose between the two as per their preference (for enjoyable experiences) and convenience. In our opinion, both channels will continue to co-exist, yet true convergence could take centre stage in the next few years. We will discuss it in detail. Before that, it’s important to understand the reasons behind the popularity of scratch lotteries.

Why Are Scratch Games So Popular?

We just discussed this is a thriving & famous gaming segment with no signs of slowing down. Let’s take a deep dive into why this is so sought-after by players. The following points mention the reasons behind it:

  1. Instant lotteries are popular due to their simplicity and the immediate gratification they offer. The convenience allows players to quickly play their favourite games without barriers. Needless to say, this amplifies its appeal to a larger audience.
  2. They are widely & easily available at convenience stores, gas stations, and other retail locations where lottery tickets are sold. And they are usually inexpensive, which again increases their appeal to a bigger audience.
  3. It supports high engagement and repeat-play. Many people want quick entertainment and are drawn to such games.
  4. Many of these scratch off games have been around for a really long time. Retailers still enjoy huge patronage among players who want to have the experience of visiting a physical location.
  5. The rise of digital mediums has added to the fame & its uptake on smartphones and tablets. In today’s fast-paced digital world, this is the preferred choice for young people.

The popularity charts clearly indicate that the retail and digital channels are working together. The time is ripe for combining the charm of retail with the capabilities of digital mediums. All in all, it's about EXPLORING A New Frontier of GAMING Entertainment!

Getting Ready for The "True Convergence" of e-Instants and Traditional Instants

Moving on, times are changing - and fast. Market realities are encouraging operators to adopt next-generation solutions, which is the only way to ensure market leadership in the lottery business. The future belongs to "phygital" mediums that offer the best of both worlds (retail and digital). What this means is that retailers get the power to provide digital & easy online gameplay to their players - within the regular retail environment.

Of course, Skilrock is at the forefront of such innovations with a revolutionary product. It takes us to our next point. The intelligent solution is developed to meet retailers' needs in the digital era and create value for them. Most importantly, it is about "The Untapped Potential" in cutting-edge technology solutions for lottery retailers.


Scan-n-play by Skilrock is a retail lottery technology solution that offers easy online gameplay without the need for player registration. Utilizing Skilrock's INFINITI gaming platform, it provides a wide variety of engaging games that can be played at a variety of locations, such as supermarkets, banks, retail stores, malls, and vending machines. With benefits for both players and retailers, Scan-n-play is an excellent addition to any retail lottery business.

There are many Benefits for Retailers:

  • Deeper Player Engagement
  • Incentivise Regular Interactions
  • Build Long-term Loyalty
  • Open up New Sales Opportunities
  • Effectively Manage Lottery Operations

There are many Benefits for Players:

  • No Kyc Required
  • Complete Privacy - Stay Annonymous
  • Play A Variety Of Engaging Games
  • Play From Anywhere
  • An Interactive And Engaging Journey

Scan n Play also enables lottery retailers to compete and innovate in the competitive landscape. It gives a "digital makeover" to the mundane retail process and makes it futuristic and exciting. Players now have unprecedented choices in games, with optional anonymity and an elevated fun quotient. The player journey is explained below:

  1. The Player Makes The Payment
  2. Retailer generates the QR code
  3. The player scans the code and chooses his favourite game
  4. The player returns the receipt to claim the winnings

Final words

Skilrock constantly pushes technological and innovative boundaries. Scan n Play is the latest addition to our portfolio. Join us at EL Congress 2023 and BIS 2023 to witness and experience our revolutionary solutions and valuable insights into product innovation and transformation. Our team members will be available to answer your questions, show the product in action, and lot more.