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13Mar 23

Skilrock Technologies Is Heading to SiGMA Eurasia 2023

Skilrock technologies has announced it will be attending the upcoming SIGMA Eurasia event scheduled to be held from 13th to 16th March, 2023 at Dubai.

Dubai is fast emerging as a gaming hub that can bridge the gap between Asia and Europe, and the SIGMA Eurasia event is a significant milestone in this regard. It presents an exceptional opportunity for Skilrock to build partnerships and alliances with key players in the industry and explore new avenues for growth and innovation.

At the event Skilrock will be focusing on its cutting edge gaming solutions that are 100% compliant with sharia law, specifically tailor-made for the region. Our INFINITI gaming platform, along with innovative instant games, retail POS solutions, self-serve solutions among others will be a key focal point. In addition, our UI/UX design which is built as per RTL logic will also be of intrigue to operators in Dubai.

Speaking about this event, Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director & CEO of Skilrock Technologies, said,

This is first time a gaming event of this scale is happening in the Middle east and I am delighted to be in Dubai. We have the requisite knowledge and commitment to respect the sensibilities of this unique region and yet tap into the large potential for the benefit of social causes.

The company looks forward to meeting clients, partners and industry professionals to explore opportunities and showcase our solutions.

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