18Apr 19

Skilrock adds zing in its Debut at NIGA 2019

Skilrock's strong belief in localization and customization continues to make deep inroads in global markets including US, where it concluded its inaugural participation in NIGA 2019 at San Diego, California. Key stakeholders of various Indian Tribes showed great enthusiasm for the innovative technology offerings of Skilrock, which are highly suitable for the flourishing tribal gaming industry in the US. There were several solutions which generated quite a buzz amongst the tribal casino managers and turned out to be the stars of the event. Solutions like ‘Walk-In Walk Out' (WIWO 360) cashless wallet which is one of its kind wallet based game play for Slot Machines and other gaming zones. Secondly, Bingo ATM, which is a unique concept wherein paper bingo game play in bingo halls is converted to a virtual environment sparked a lot of interest. Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director at Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, commented "Skilrock believes that every operator's requirement is unique, yet the underlying game mechanics and player preferences have strong common thread that binds the industry across the regions and globally. With our unique platform architecture and extensive customization capabilities, our solution maps perfectly across diverse markets and we found this more than obvious at NIGA, where various tribal gaming industry operators have unique requirements yet they have highly evolved standards. They were elated to experience demonstration of various new possibilities to enhance their business. In addition to Skilrock's Omni Channel, Omni Gaming Platform called Infiniti, Skilrock's Payment Services Platform provides extensive possibilities to offer agile services across the Nations. Overall the Skilrock Team received an excellent response and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming OIGA Conference and Tradeshow at Tulsa in July, which demonstrates our continued commitment to the Indian Gaming Industry"