21Apr 22

Media Interview with Yogonet: “Skilrock is ready to work with Latin America as a leading player in technology solutions”

In this exclusive interview with Yogonet, Skilrock’s Alexandre Tauszig, Regional Manager for Latam talks about the importance of in-person summits, the company’s wide variety of solutions -including offerings for the whole life cycle of scratchcards, cashless products and sports betting solutions, among others- and opportunities in the region.

“We are now looking to play a protagonist role in the region,” Alexandre Tauszig, tells Yogonet with confidence. Skilrock is the technology business arm of the Sugal & Damani Group, which has long led lottery operations in its home country of India. But the business is now also keen on exploring opportunities in Latin America through a more aggressive strategy.

“As a leading solutions business for our segment in both Asia and Africa, we understand there are many similarities in regards to the challenges LatAm countries face,” Tauszig says. The executive explains Skilrock is ready to assist the region through a wide range of solutions, many of them presented at the latest edition of the SAGSE industry summit, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on March 30-31.

Which were the main novelties, products and services the company presented at SAGSE?

Skilrock is a technology business arm of the $2.5 billion+ Sugal & Damani Group, which for half a century has led lottery operations in India. Looking to further gain a presence in Latin America, we decided to present at SAGSE some solutions which are very connected to the region.

First of all, we presented our management solutions for the whole life cycle of Instant Lotteries (Scratchcards), from pre-production, printing/production to post-production; and management of inventories, sales, ticket validation and prize payment. To this end, we were accompanied at the event by security printing, courier and collection services company Thomas Greg & Sons, a leading company in its segment and our partner. They provided us with samples to distribute, in order for us to present the graphic quality of the products and security items.

The capacity to localize and customize games, instead of simply translating them to a different language, is another virtue we focused on and presented at SAGSE.

Instant Lotteries/Games are currently a segment that has not yet been much explored in the LatAm region. These are games that feature numerous sweepstakes per hour, allowing players for a new gaming experience. At SAGSE, the Draw Machine (sweepstakes machine) of three of our games -Mini Keno, Zoo Lotto and Lotto Amigo- was showcased live. Lotto Amigo is a Bingo-styled lottery, another one of the company’s areas of expertise we presented at SAGSE.

Lastly, now that sports betting is on the rise, we presented our Sports Lotteries (sports pool) solutions. Unlike fixed-odds betting, they utilize official soccer games as a backdrop and replace the prize draw with numbered balls. This is a product that is already established and explored in Brazil by Caixa, but which has low penetration in other countries in the region, despite being known for its passion for soccer.

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