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31Mar 20

iGaming provides the Silver Lining

We all are passing through a phase that has no precedence in modern history involving all countries and industries. It has generated a lot of uncertainty and dampened the spirit of the players, operators and technology providers. As most sports events stand cancelled, the options for sports bettors and daily fantasy sports players are severely impacted. However, it’s not all dark and gloomy for the industry. With most commercial casinos being closed down, we have seen a surge in demand for online casinos.

Delivering online based solutions including iGaming has been our forte for many years and this reputation is well established within the industry. We have started receiving a lot of unique enquiries for our iGaming solutions and discussions are progressing well. In fact, Skilrock is already in the process of augmenting iGaming business of its existing clients. These were our partners who foresaw the fast developing Covid-19 crisis that promised to engulf the industry and chose to take the early-bird advantage.

Mr. Sujit Lahiry, Executive Director at Skilrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, commented "At this time of crisis, the human spirit of resistance and springing back on the feet after a fall are so heartening to see these days. Every notable industry invoked not only traditional business continuity measures but also found ways to bend round the corner in innovative ways!

Skilrock is well prepared to support its clients using its innovative Omni-Channel, Omni-Gaming platform called INFINITI along with its wide range of services to delivery any aspirations of its clients at this hour of need.

Since iGaming is the only viable delivery mechanism for our industry at this moment, we have the capability and track record to enhance PAM scalability, CX -customer experience, add new game types, payment methods, loyalty and much more."

About Skilrock

Skilrock Technologies is a leading technology solution provider for the lottery, gaming and payment industry with its R&D centres located at global IT hubs. It is the technology arm of $2.4 billion Sugal & Damani Group, who are leaders of Indian lottery & gaming operations. The complete Omni-Channel Gaming Platform of Skilrock serves Retail, iGaming & Self Service Channels with equal ease and at the same time supports a wide variety of games like Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Instant, Sports, Poker, Rummy, Casino and Slots. More than 200,000 retail touch points and over 5 million iGaming players across 25+ jurisdictions have been serviced by Skilrock.